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Wedding Photographer in Florence

Photography came to me at a time I wasn’t looking for it. It wasn’t “love at first sight,” but a relationship that has grown over time. Photography changes me, driving me to deep insight that allows me to know better myself and to grow closer to others with respect and responsibility. 

Thanks to the trust of the couples who shared this experience with me, my lens can capture a curiosity that reveals a love of life, of beauty in its simplicity and elegance.  

While the heart of Tuscany is rich in its flavors, tastes, and aromas that can’t be caught in photography, I work to incorporate the parts that can — the art that surrounds us, its landscapes and, of course, its light.

Wedding photography for me is a matter of conscious choice and passion for humanity. On the wedding  day, a couple’s life shows itself in the infinite personal uniqueness through smiles, tears, and hugs that I try to portray sincerely, trying to cancel the space that the camera, of course, occupies between me and the couples.

I try to add also a recognizable signature as an author, narrator and photographer.

“It seems that our eyes always keep the same size, from birth to death…. The heart grows bigger, the hair grows, the muscles swell, the legs stretch. The eyes do not. What changes, in the course of life is our gaze. …This is why it is important to what you are aiming for, the fire you choose, the decisive moment that illuminates life and transforms it into a story. ”

—Matteo Bussola

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